Les coupures, ça tue la culture!

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Comme je vous l’avais présenté dans le «post» précédent, le site web manifeste contre les coupures dans la culture fait par les Conservateurs.

Maintenant, YouTube devient le lieu de manifestation! Les conservateurs ne peuvent plus nier que la population est derrière les artistes et non désintéressés comme l’a si bien dit Harper (en anglais seulement!) 5 vidéos ont été mis en ligne par l’utilisateur «lescoupurescatue». Je vous les laisse les regarder et commenter!






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  1. David
    29 septembre 2008

    Je suis vraiment d’accord! Bravo d’avoir mis ces vidéos-là sur ton blogue. Ça fait une vitrine de plus contre Harper!! :)

  2. Marco Seguin
    3 octobre 2008

    Well I’m glad we’re finally speaking of arts and culture in these elections because there wasn’t any of it in the last one. Here are my views.

    I don’t think that there’s much money taken away from « culture » but I am somewhat afraid of what the government is dooing in terms of distributing the money. I have recently watched an episode of « The Hour » and apparently the conservative government is going ahead with a plan to form a commity of « good moral people » to select which artists will receive money for independent films etc. I disagree because it takes away from the complexities of different opinions and human conflicts that canadians may want to express.

    Further more this word « culture » seems very tabou to me these days. Does culture mean financing a group of people with traditional views such as the francophone culture or linguistics respectively? If so, I think it’s sad and brings opportunity for people with little factorial influence and supports a structure of elites and of titles. This is only rewarding a social structure with confined game theory where the common denomenator is language as oppose to facilitating the emergence of new common denomenators and expectations. So to me, when we speak of culture, I think the whole notion behind it has become one of intellectual dominance and homogeneity as oppose to distinction, vision, facilitating sub-cultures, facilitating aggression (initiative) and typically the emergence of new ideas and of human behaviour.

    I truly don’t think there’s a problem with the current financing of the arts and culture. For example, In toronto alone, there’s about 100 000 citizens that depend on their art to make a living. I think that the state should provide so artists can initiate their careers and if the trade offs aren’t economically sound and isn’t entertaining enough, then get a job.

    By the way, why aren’t we talking about financing scientific research in education? These dynamic discoveries compete against foreign countries and universities as well. It expands game theory and growth potential. Einstein said that the best scientists are artists so why isn’t science considered an art? Aren’t the behavioural mechanics alike? Subjective remark.

    Marco Seguin

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